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Music for Mars Missions Joost Egelie
Joost Egelie
Music for Mars Missions
Traditional Electronic, Berlin School
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Artist: Joost Egelie
Album: Music for Mars Missions
Label: USC
Catalog number: USC-WR-1409.0218
Release Year: 2009 / 2014

It is said that man can achieve anything in his dreams. Less than 500 years ago Copernicus discovered that Earth was not the center of the universe. In 1609 Galileo Galilei pointed his telescope on various planets in our Solar System. From then on the dream began. What are those strange lines on the surface of Mars? Are we alone, circling the sun? These questions still puzzle us. And there is only one way to find out for sure - to set foot on Mars, like we did in 1969 on the Moon. Not just to set another flag and claim more resources for eager consumers, but to find a new approach. The rover missions taught us already that Mars may actually be a view on the distant future of Earth, if we continue planetary exploitation in such a pace. Mars offers us a chance to go back to the drawing board and to do everything as it should be. Instead of robing a planet, where everything we need is fully available, we have to learn how hard it is for a man to become a god-terraformer and create a habitable place from scratch.

01.Embark (16:39)
02.Behind the Moon (4:35)
03.Slingshot (12:05)
04.Stasis (6:40)
05.Landing Site (7:44)
06.Remember the Rovers (10:25)

Keyboards, synthesizers, sampler, programmed, written, recorded, arranged and mixed by Joost Egelie.
CGI «Mars Rover Curiosity» courtesy of Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, NASA (NASA/JPL-Caltech) •
Artwork by Anna Riet.

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Posted by USC on 20 September 2014
Tags: futuristic, atmospheric, mars, em, berlin school, traditional electronic, joost egelie